Wallace tells plotters it’s too late to remove Sunak

Rishi Sunak has been Prime Minister for nigh on a year and a half now, and for some Conservative MPs that’s just too long. Having forgotten the tumultuous road from Johnson to Sunak via truss, some in the Tory party are intent on ousting Rishi Sunak ahead of the next election.

It is unclear who the rebels are, but according to the Independent, the party is once again in turmoil as MPs have “met and held talks about ‘coronating’ [Penny] Mordaunt as prime minister.”

Speaking on Times Radio this morning, former defence secretary Ben Wallace said that it was too late to change leader this close to the election: “There comes a moment in time in the electoral cycle where you effectively put on your best suit, you stand up and you march towards the sound of the guns and you get on with it.”

Those fearing the guns are exactly the ones hoping to shift Sunak for some unnamed saviour, fearing that Sunak hasn’t managed to change the party’s fortunes.

Wallace continued: “Rishi Sunak is the Prime Minister. He set out his plan. He set out his idea and vision, which I think is to effectively, quite rightly, fix the economy, get inflation down. If we get inflation down, we can see interest rates drop.”

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